Family name puzzles




The family name puzzles are an amazing decoration for every home and every office. They are handmade made only by order because of their originality. They are carved from a solid pine wood and are polished. You can add a metal band with the names of your family or an important date. It will be engraved with a laser.

Amazing family puzzles

Family puzzles

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Family name puzzles

Wooden gift

Family name puzzle

Look at this amazing family name puzzle, wouldn’t it look perfect in your livingroom? Or maybe in the livingroom of a friend? Show how much you appreciate your friends and family and order a wooden family name puzzle especially for them. A special metal band with engraved names of the family members is also available.

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Name Puzzle – personalized wooden name puzzles from one piece of solid wood

A wide variety of personalized wooden name puzzles for any age. Best personalised gift for newborns, for kids, for adults, gift for a friend, gift for collegue, for the office and for whole family.

personalized name puzzle

name puzzles collection


Initial puzzles

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Wooden Custom Name Puzzle

Wooden Custom Name Puzzle Linda

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Personalised gifts from wood name puzzle – your name on puzzle!
Name Puzzles – Unique handmade gifts for everybody…

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