Personalized Wooden gifts from Name2Puzzle


Name2Puzzle gifts

You can give a personalized gift to someone you love for his/her special occasion or you can purchase it for yourself with your initials.

The gifts can be handmade according to your choice.

The products are handmade only by order because they are different for every customer. We communicate with our customers so that we can create the best design for them.

You can take advantage of our free worldwide shipping from Bulgaria and order a wooden gift. We wrap our products very carefully so that they can get to you without a scratch. 

The gifts in our shop are eco-friendly. We also offer personalized name puzzles – one name puzzles, two name puzzles, family name puzzles, company name puzzles and other name puzzles which are basically a special message handmade from pine wood.

You can find many other wooden products wooden wall clocks with silent quartz mechanism or a wooden kinetic wall decor.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or recommendations.

Check out our online store here:

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